Crews in Southern Australia raced for a fourth day to take control of a major brushfire before hot winds blast in.

So far 22 people have been injured, according to Bloomberg, by a fire so bad that the Insurance Council of Australia declared a catastrophe.

South Australia Police confirm 13 homes were destroyed, but expect the number to rise, reported the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC).

“We’ve got some dangerous weather approaching,” Premier Jay Weatherill said. “The fact I’m not here talking about deaths is a good thing, but we’ve got a bit of a way to go before I think we can relax.”

The South Australian Country Fire Service cautioned that the temperature could reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday as winds move in from the West.

However, some meterologists said rain could soon help end the wildfire. The Sydney Morning Herald reported some regions could expect up to four inches after the hot winds.