Pope Francis gets pretty chatty on the papal plane.

He’s talked to reporters about jobs, homosexuality and women’s role in the church. He’s spoken out about the War in Iraq and terrorism. He’s even addressed his own retirement. And on his flight back from the Philippines this week, he started chatting about the church’s position on birth control, saying some think that to be good Catholics, “we have to be like rabbits.”

Here’s his exact words from the Vatican Insider:

I believe that three children per family, from what the experts say, is the key number for sustaining the population. The key word here is responsible parenthood and each person works out how to exercise this with the help of their pastor. … Sorry, some people think that in order to be good Catholics we have to breed like rabbits, right? Responsible parenthood: This is why there are marriage support groups in the Church with people who are experts on such issues; and there are pastors and I know that there are many acceptable solutions that have helped with this. And another thing: For poor people, children are a treasure, prudence is needed here too, it is true. Responsible parenthood but also recognizing the generosity of that father or mother who see their child as a treasure.

He referenced a woman he met several months ago who was pregnant with her eighth child after going through seven Cesarean sections.

“That is an irresponsibility!” he said, saying she might argue that she should trust in God. “But God gives you methods to be responsible.”

Although he upholds the church’s stance against contraception, he talked about “licit” birth control methods approved by the church, alluding to tracking a woman’s cycle to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Pope Francis also spoke about state terrorism, freedom of expression and corruption — both in government and in the church. Then he started chatting about how some officials tried to bribe him in 1994 in Buenos Aires:

I had just been appointed auxiliary bishop in the Flores district when two ministry officials came up to me. They said to me: “You are really in need with with these poor people. … If you want we can help by giving you 400 thousand pesos.” … I listened carefully because when you’re offered such a large sum it’s enough to make even a saint think twice. Then they said to me: “To make this donation, we will pay a deposit and then you give us half of the money.” At that moment I thought: Do I insult them and kick them where the sun don’t shine or do I act dumb? I acted dumb. I said to them: “You know … those of us who work in the vicariates don’t have access to the account, you have to pay a deposit to the archbishopric with a receipt.”