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Two men took selfies on a stolen iPad, leading to their arrest

The two suspects took selfies of themselves. (Harris County Precinct One Constable)
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Beware of the cloud, potential criminals, for it can lead to your demise.

Authorities say two men earlier this month stole an iPad and about $5,000 in cash from a car in Houston and then headed to Burger King, where they took a bunch of selfies and filmed themselves with their stolen goods.

“Hello America,” one of the men states on camera. “This, my good people, is what we get, from a good night’s hustle.” He is then shown holding up a wad of cash.

“What they didn’t know, and they weren’t technologically astute to know, is that, of course, goes to iCloud when you do that,” Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen told The Post. “The net result is that our victim is looking at his iCloud picture account, and he sees they’re holding money in their mouths and sort of giving this ad-hoc interview of ‘this is how you get your hustle on.’ They really turned themselves into a movie.”

Local media picked up on the video and images after the theft, and on Wednesday night, a police officer spotted one of the men. Dillan Thompson, 22, and Dorian Walker, 20, were subsequently arrested on charges of felony theft.

Thompson told police that he was actually planning to leave the state this week, Rosen said.

Given their age, Rosen assumed the two suspects would have been tech savvy enough to know that images are automatically uploaded into the cloud, which has become a useful tool for theft investigations.

Rosen said it’s the first time he’s encountered an alleged crime involving the cloud. “They were what I consider to be dumb criminals; just not very bright,” he said.