A remarkable feat of agility was performed on Sunday night, and it had nothing to do with football. It was the sharks. The dancing sharks. The dancing sharks at Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show.

They shimmied. They gyrated. They sashayed. They were sharks. It was awesome.

But aspects of their performance left several onlookers baffled. Everything was going great at first. The act was a beach-y number of winking volley balls, surfboards and Perry in a colorful dress. And then, out of nowhere, were the sharks. They danced in unison. But soon, one of the sharks, specifically Left Shark, said enough of that, and began to do his own thing frenetically on national television.

“Left Shark failed out of choreography school,” remarked SB Nation. “Left Shark only got this gig after threatening to bite the person in charge of the casting.”

The critics be damned! To Gawker, he “stole the show.”And that fascination with Left Shark — and just sharks in general — sparked both online profiles claiming themselves to be “Halftime Shark,” and an online search to discover the true identities of the shark dancers.

On a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread, online gumshoes offered various candidates for consideration, none of them convincingly. One person claimed that they were matched with one of the sharks on Tinder. His name was Garret, 22, who confessed his dancing profession on his profile. “As the saying goes, I’m a lover not a fighter,” he said. “I dance and like to make friends.”

Perhaps more telling was one alleged conversation Garret had with a prospective date.

“Are you onstage or in the cast?” he was asked.

“I’m known as onstage prop cast.”

“So what’s your role in it all?”

“I am the shark,” he responded. “You’ll see.”


But was Garret the shark? The possibility became dimmer as other, perhaps more promising, candidates were identified by other online sleuths. The next one was named Scott Myrick, a Los Angeles dancer, who describes himself as “smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.”

He spent the night emoting on Twitter. “I MEAN ….. THOSE SHARKS,” he said. “And that everyone, is what it feels like to have your heart explode. I’ve never been more proud to be a part of something in my life. … Tonight was a feeling and moment in time that I will never, ever forget.”

But it turns out, Myrick wasn’t perhaps the Left Shark. He, in fact, claimed to be the Right Shark. Which brings the online, totally unscientific, investigation to a final possibility. This one was named Bryan Gaw. He got pummeled with queries last night as to his true identity.

Then, late Sunday night, he claimed he was the Shark on Twitter. “Yep,” he said.” “The rumors are true. Yours truly.”