(Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)
Denise Kroutil (top left), Elizabeth Hupp (top right), Nathan Wynn Firoved (bottom left) and Rose Brewer (bottom right). (Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office)

Apparently, the only way to teach a 6-year-old that he’s “too nice” is to stage a terrifyingly cruel fake kidnapping, according to one, now-incarcerated Missouri family.

According to authorities, the elaborate plot involved tying the child’s hands, covering his face and threatening him with a handgun. They say they learned about it on Wednesday through the boy’s school.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, sometime before Feb. 2, the boy’s aunt Denise Kroutil, 38, approached a man who worked at a gas station to enlist him in the scheme. Police say she said her nephew was “too nice” and the family wanted to “scare” him. The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Hupp, 25, and grandmother Rose Brewer, 58, agreed on the course of action, authorities say.

According to the sheriff’s office:

Gas station worker Nathan Wynn Firoved, 23, allegedly put the plan into action. At that point, no one in the family, save for the boy’s aunt, even knew Firoved’s last name.

According to police, Firoved waited for the 6-year-old to get off the bus and lured him into his truck after school on Feb. 2. Once the boy was in the truck, he began threatening him.

Firoved said the boy would never “see his mommy again” and he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed,” the sheriff’s office said. When the boy started to cry, the sheriff’s office said, Firoved pulled out a handgun and threatened him.

He bound the boy’s feet and hands with plastic bags and covered his face with a jacket so that he couldn’t see. Firoved drove around for some time before taking the boy, face covered, to the basement of the boy’s house where his aunt waited.

For some four hours, the family terrorized him. Throughout the incident, the boy’s mother and grandmother remained in contact with Firoved by cellphone.

Kroutil, his aunt, pulled down his pants and told the boy he would be sold into “sex slavery.” When he didn’t try to resist her, Kroutil got more upset, according to police.

Then he was left alone, in the basement — bound and unable to see — before the family called the whole thing off.

When they finally unbound his hands and feet, they told him to go upstairs, where he got a lecture about “stranger danger.” According to police, the family didn’t think they did anything wrong because they were simply trying to teach him a lesson.

The boy has been placed in protective custody. Firoved, along with Kroutil and Brewer, were charged with felony kidnapping, felonious restraint and felony abuse and neglect of a child. The boy’s mother, Hupp, has been charged with felony kidnapping and felony abuse and neglect of a child. They are all being held on $250,000 cash bail.

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