“First Person Lover.” (Björn Borg)

An international clothing retailer has come up with an unusual way to sell its wares.

Björn Borg, named for the former No. 1 tennis great, is the Swedish sportswear brand behind “First Person Lover.” The game aims to be a lovey-dovey take on the traditional first-person shooter. Instead of blasting enemies to bloody bits and blowing up buildings, players blow kisses at them with a hand-mounted “kiss gun” until they’re stripped naked.

The enemies crouch and cower in the nude — naughty bits blurred out — until you “liberate” them from their nudity by outfitting them with Björn Borg sportswear in the name of love.

It’s … odd — or in the words of Fast Company Design, perhaps a tad “date-rapey.”

(Björn Borg)

“We are not forcing people” to have sex, Björn Borg marketer Jonas Lindberg Nyvang told the magazine. “As a love agent in the game, your mission is to liberate haters by undressing them with your love guns and then dress them in Björn Borg clothing.”

Kisses aren’t the only form of armament; there are also teddy-bear smoke grenades.

(Björn Borg)

Players are sent on a mission to combat hate by shutting down machines called “hate harvesters.” At the end of the mission spiel, the voice of the narrator, a woman, sends them off to wardrobe with “May the love be with you.” Bonus: During game play, they encounter a shirtless guy on a bear who bears more than a passing resemblance to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s completely bizarre — and yet perhaps refreshing to casual gamers who may find traditional first-person shooters intimidating. You can watch the trailer below, but it’s now available for in-browser game play, too.

h/t The Verge