Mohammad Hossain is accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student in his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He allegedly told authorities that he was trying to re-create the film “Fifty Shades of Grey.” (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

A college student who has been accused of raping a classmate told authorities he was reenacting scenes from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” authorities said.

After bringing the 19-year-old woman back to his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Saturday, Mohammad Hossain, 19, used multiple belts to restrain and beat his victim while he assaulted her, the state’s attorney’s office told The Washington Post.

Hossain, a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault. If convicted, the felony is punishable by six to 30 years behind bars, authorities said.

When a judge set his bail at $500,000, Hossain’s attorney, Cook County public defender Sandra Bennewitz, told the judge that her client had been “involved with several UIC leadership programs, was a student ambassador to the alumni association and was on the triathlon team,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Sandra, how can someone involved in all that let a movie persuade him to do something like this?” asked Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., according to the Tribune.

“He would say that it was consensual,” she replied.

The alleged incident began when Hossain asked the woman — a UIC student he had previously “been intimate with,” but was not currently romantically involved with — to strip for him, Steve Campbell, a spokesperson for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, told The Post.

After the woman removed all of her clothing except for her underwear and bra, authorities allege, Hossain covered her eyes with a knit cap and bound her hands above her head to the bed. He used a second belt to bind her legs and stuffed a tie in her mouth, authorities said.

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After removing her remaining clothes, Hossain began striking the woman with another belt. When she asked him to stop, saying “no,” “stop” and “you’re hurting me,” he refused.

Hossain continued striking the woman — including with his fists, according to the Tribune —  and “verbally indicated that he would not stop” as the woman shook her head and cried, Campbell told The Post.

When the victim was able to free one of her arms, Hossain placed it behind her back and proceeded to rape her, authorities allege.

The woman attempted to break free several more times during the assault, but each time Hossain held her down, Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Karr told DNAinfo.

When Hossain’s roommate showed up outside the dorm room and attempted to open the door, Hossain held it shut, authorities allege.

The victim was eventually able to leave to room and contact police, who arrested Hossain, authorities said.

Prosecutors allege that after Hossain was arrested in his dorm, he told officers he was trying to re-create scenes from “Fifty Shades of Grey” and he knew he’d done “something wrong,” according to DNAinfo.

The Web site reported that Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois told Hossain that he is not allowed to return to UIC’s campus and must submit to electronic monitoring if he posts bond.


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