Buddha statues couldn’t be more common. They dot foggy mountain tops throughout Southeast Asia and line college dorm rooms. But this Buddha statue is more than a little different.

It has a mummy inside.

According to an examination at Norway’s Meander Medical Center, in which scientists flipped the statue on its back for a CT scan, its bronze-like exterior actually hides a 1,000 year-old mummy. Though details remain a little sketchy, some reports called it the first of its kind.

Until last September, the mummy was on exhibition at the Drents Museum. “On the outside, it looks like a large statue of Buddha,” the museum said in a release. “Scan research has shown that on the inside, it is the mummy of a Buddhist monk who lived around the year 1100.”

This is a globe-trotting mummy statue, however. And it’s now on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Budapest. By May of 2015, according to a Drents Museum spokesman, it will be off to Luxembourg.

Researchers suspect the statue may be a case of “self-mummification,” which is in fact as horrifying as it sounds.

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