It turns out that in winter, basically no one is their best selves.

Not even badgers.

Here is a real AFP headline, about a little dude in Sweden: “Angry badger shuts down luxury Stockholm hotel, forces police to intervene.”

The badger showed up at the Radisson Blu in Stockholm early Friday morning, and kept guests and employees from entering and exiting the hotel, according to AFP. The standoff lasted about 40 minutes.

“A crazy or stressed-out badger is preventing the staff and clients at a major hotel from leaving their cars and from picking up their bags,” Stockholm police said, according to reports.

AFP also described the badger as “ill-tempered,” but I don’t know. I’m probably no peach at 5 a.m. on Friday, either.

A game warden was summoned to assist police, but the aggressive badger took off before the animal expert arrived, according to reports.

“It remains unclear why the badger was angry,” AFP reported.

“Nightlife in Stockholm is beastly,” Albin Naverberg of the Stockholm Police told newspaper DN.
Naverberg said the badger may have been stressed from waking early from hibernation. He said the animal was likely on the hunt for some food.

See? It was just hangry. We’ve all been there, badger.