The barbecued meat sweats and the Uber surge pricing may drive you to drink, but the St. Bernards roaming this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin won’t be able to rescue you with tiny barrels of brandy.

However, should your phone’s battery run down, well, then you’re in luck.

That’s because Mophie, the company that makes the battery-life extending juice packs, is providing St. Bernards at SXSW who can charge your phone while you pet them. Yes, someone at Mophie — clearly a genius — thought of a way to combine gadget addiction with a love of adorable, slobbering canines. When’s the last time Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub charged a phone?

No word on whether Mophie’s army of Beethovens will also come bearing allergy meds — we think not — or what happens should one of the dogs take off with someone’s prized technological specimen.

Anyhow, this only works if the power-impaired are proactive: Mophie is providing the service to people who tweet a screenshot of their waning battery life to #mophieRescue, so if the phone’s already dead, that’s a bust.

On one hand, Mophie’s ingenuity is a continued sign that the once crunchy indie festival has indeed become subsumed by corporate interests. On the other, there’s a company that makes it easier for you to tweet your displeasure about the invasion of said interests from your phone. It’s a wash, really.

Mophie is offering the rescue power dogs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

h/t Daily Dot