(Troy Police Department)

The 24-year-old son of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was arrested on drug possession charges on Sunday, but according to the younger Moore, the charges are just a political scheme to further attack his father over gay marriage.

Police said they were called to an address on Allen Street in Troy, Ala., to investigate reports of a break-in, according to WKRG. When they arrived around 2:30 pm., Caleb Moore and four other men were on the scene, and officers could smell marijuana coming from inside a white pick-up truck.

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When they searched the vehicle, they found a bag of marijuana, four Xanax pills and Caleb Moore’s passport, according to WFSA.

The arrest, Caleb Moore contended later, was just another scheme to frame him and smear his father.

“This is nothing more than a prime example of how media and crooked police officers and critics of my dad try to not only destroy his career for what he stands for but will go as far as trying to destroy his family,” Caleb Moore wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of a document that appears to show the results of a drug test. “I am not a drug user as the drug test taken today will show. As for the malicious possession charges, justice will be served.”

Caleb Moore was released from jail on a $1,000 bond for the marijuana charge and a $7,500 bond on the controlled substance charge, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

Caleb Moore’s father has been embroiled in a legal battle over gay marriage in the state for months. Roy Moore issued a controversial order to halt same-sex marriages in the state despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ordering them to continue.

“No judge of the United States or the federal district court has the right to invent the definition of marriage, which is not even contained in the United States Constitution, and that’s the problem,” Roy Moore told CNN in an interview in February.  “We have people going in trying to mandate the state of Alabama that the ‘sanctity of marriage’ amendment in our [state] Constitution is wrong, and that’s simply not right to do.”

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And somehow, Caleb Moore has gotten caught up in the controversy as well.

On Facebook, he has defended his father’s actions on the gay marriage issue.

“The truth about the issue regarding same sex marriage. My father is only doing what he sworn to the people through the Alabama, and The United States Constitution,” Caleb Moore said. “However, the United States Constitution does not define marriage. Therefore, it is left up to the states which do define marriage.”

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And he has been the target of attacks aimed at his father. In January, a gay rights advocacy blog posted photos and tweets purported to be from Caleb Moore’s account. Caleb Moore acknowledged that he posted photos of him and friends drinking in college, which the blog said were posted to illustrate the “kick-ass crazy life” of “the son of a law-and-order moralist.”

“I must admit, the things people are saying about me on social media are for the most part true,” Caleb Moore wrote on Facebook. “I do have a past that I’m not proud of.. Thank God for salvation and changing my life. Shame on these people for stooping this low.”

Caleb Moore said as a result of the controversy, he shut down his Twitter account.

“I was getting tired of homosexuals messaging me and saying things,” told AL.com.

Sunday’s charges are just the latest in a recent string of drug-related arrests.

According to the Montgomery Advertiser, Moore pleaded guilty on charges of possession of a controlled substance in 2013, and was charged with driving under the influence and drug possession in 2011. In March 2014, he was charged with use or possession of drug paraphernalia.