Owners of a Denver bakery did not discriminate against a customer by refusing to fulfill an order requesting two cakes with ant-gay imagery and wording on them.

That’s the message from the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, which ruled that the Azucar Bakery was within its rights when employees refused to carry out an order from customer William Jack in March 2014, according to the Denver Post.

Jack, a Christian who originally told reporters that he believes Azucar Bakery “discriminated” against him “based on my creed,” had asked the bakery to bake him two Bible-shaped cakes, ABC affiliate 7 News Denver reported.

The first cake would include disdainful words about gays and a second cake would include two men holding hands and an X on top of them. Jack asked that the cake be decorated with the biblical verses “God hates sin. Psalm 45:7” and “Homosexuality is a detestable sin. Leviticus 18:2,” the decision by the department’s Civil Rights Division said, according to 7 News Denver.

Marjorie Silva, the bakery’s owner, agreed to make the cakes but refused to put the ant-gay imagery on them, according to the AP.

“It’s just horrible. It doesn’t matter if, you know, if you’re Catholic, or Jewish, or Christian, if I’m gay or not gay or whatever,” Silva, 40, told the Associated Press. “We should all be loving each other. I mean there’s no reason to discriminate.”

Not long after her refusal, Silva said she received notice from the state’s Department of Regulatory Agencies that she was the subject of a religious discrimination complaint.

While Jack argued that he had been discriminated against for being Christian, the department’s decision said evidence showed Silva refused to bake the cakes because the customer’s requests included “derogatory language and imagery,” according to 7 News Denver:

The baker said “in the same manner [she] would not accept [an order from] anyone wanting to make a discriminatory cake against Christians, [she] will not make one that discriminates against gays,” according to the decision.
“The evidence demonstrates that [Silva] would deny such requests to any customer, regardless of creed.”

The decision, according to 7 News Denver, noted that Silva is Catholic and employs multiple Christian and non-Christian employees.

The decision also noted that the bakery Web site includes multiple examples of cakes decorated with Christian symbols and language, including the words “God Bless” and “Mi Bautizo,” which is Spanish for “my baptism.”