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Sandra Bullock’s terrifying encounter with an intruder, second-by-second

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It was early in the morning on June 8, 2014, when Sandra Bullock heard a loud noise in her Bel Air., Calif., home and saw a man who had hopped a fence and entered through a locked sun-room door.

On Thursday, at a preliminary hearing for the man ultimately arrested, prosecutors played the chilling audio of the 911 call she made that day.

Here is a partial transcript, edited for length:

Sandra Bullock: My — someone has broken into my house. I’m hiding in the closet.

Operator: They’re in the house now?

Bullock: Yes. Yes, they are. I just saw them walk under the attic …

Operator: Is it a man or a woman?

Bullock: I think it was a man.

Operator: Okay.

Bullock: I’m locked in my closet. I have a safe door in my bedroom, and I’ve locked it, and I’m locked in the closet right now.

Operator: Okay. Don’t hang up. I’m going to be dispatching the police, okay? Don’t hang up on me.

Bullock: Okay. And I’ll give you the gate code.

Operator: Okay. One second, okay? You’re not going to hear me, but I haven’t hung up on you.

Bullock: Okay. Okay…

Operator: Okay. Could you tell what the person was wearing? What color shirt and pants?

Bullock: All I saw was like a dark sweatshirt and dark pants going up the stairs to my attic. And I have a door to my bedroom that’s a safe door, and I just hit the button and — and I’m hiding in the closet right now.

Operator: Do you have any weapons? Are you armed?

Bullock: No, I’m not.

Operator: Okay. Now are there any animals in the house?

Bullock: No. No, not right now. And my son’s not here either right now with me…

Operator: Okay. What’s your name, ma’am?

Bullock: Sandra Bullock

Operator: All right. Sandra, what’s the phone number you’re calling from?

(As police start to respond with lights and sirens, Bullock is still on the phone with the 911 operator.)

Bullock: I hear — I her them. I hear someone banging on the door.

Operator: To your bedroom?

Bullock: Yes.

Operator: Okay. One second, Sandra.

(The operator radios police that the “suspect is now attempting to gain entrance to the bedroom.” Bullock is frantically trying to make sure police have the access code to her gate. Neither Bullock nor the operator seem sure where police are at that moment.)

Operator: I can only imagine what this is like so …

Bullock: I — I just thought it was the wind blowing one of the windows shut, and then I saw the person. So obviously that wasn’t it.

Operator: Right. Okay. The officers are about 2 minutes out, okay?

Bullock: Thank you.

(The operator informs Bullock that police are pulling up to the house. She warns her, “Do not go out there.”)

Bullock: Do what? I’m sorry. What should I …

Operator: I said do not go out there.

Bullock: Okay. Just have them walk — I’ll stay right here …

Operator: Okay. They will tell me when they’re coming in, and I will tell you, okay?

Bullock: … The bedroom is up the main stairs right to the left. They’ll just see a white door shut and that’s where I am. And I’ll open — you tell me when to open up. I don’t know when to open.

(Police are still not through the gate and seem unable to open it. Bullock is trying to get them the code to open it or to reach a panel that will allow her to do it. Then she hears knocking.)

Bullock: Is that them knocking at my door? … I hear them — I hear them. And tell them I saw the guy go upstairs into my attic, which is on the third floor …

Operator: They’re entering. So they’ve got an open door so they’re coming in, okay?

Bullock: I hear them — I hear them, yeah. Thank you so much for being so — thank you.

Operator: Sandra, that’s what we’re here for, ma’am.

Unit: (Inaudible) standby. Suspect is in custody.

(After police made sure there was only one suspect in the house, the operator tells Bullock, “Okay. That’s the police. Go ahead and open the door.” “Okay. Okay. Okay,” Bullock responds. “It’s them, it’s them, it’s them.”)

Operator: All right Sandra. You can hang up. Thank you, ma’am.

Bullock: Thank you.

In court on Thursday, Los Angeles police officer Jose Bermudez testified that the man was not armed. But he was carrying a notebook stuffed with graphic messages and magazine cutouts of the actress that, the judge noted, suggested there may have been some sexual motivation. Police also found an arsenal of illegal weapons at his home, according to the Associated Press.

He had allegedly been stalking her for days.

Joshua James Corbett, 39, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. He was scheduled to be arraigned again April 23 on all 26 felony counts. Bullock did not testify at the preliminary hearing.