Rachel Lynn Lehnardt. (Columbia County Sherriff's Office)
Rachel Lynn Lehnardt. (Columbia County Sherriff’s Office)

A Georgia mother is accused of hosting a party for her teenage daughter complete with booze, marijuana, sex and a naked game of Twister — that one where people pile on top each other, matching their hands and feet to colored circles on a mat.

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, who participates in Alcoholics Anonymous, reportedly told her new AA sponsor last week about the party at her house in an Augusta suburb.

Over the weekend, the sponsor went to police and Lehnardt was later arrested and charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She also lost custody of her five children, ages 4 to 16.

“Mrs. Lehnardt acknowledges that due to recent alcohol abuse she engaged in several acts of inappropriate conduct. Although, many of the allegations are exaggerated, she is extremely remorseful for what she allowed to occur in her presence and is obtaining professional and pastoral counseling to ensure that this conduct is never repeated,” her attorney Shawn Hammond told WJBF-TV in a statement. “Mrs. Lehnardt intends to fully cooperate with the legal system to accept complete responsibility for her conduct and to fully atone for her actions. However, at no time did Mrs. Lehnardt sponsor or facilitate a party for underage minors.”

According to a police report, this is what happened:

One night while the other kids were with their father, the 16-year-old daughter texted Lehnardt to ask permission for her friends to come over “‘to party.'” Lehnardt replied: “‘Come on, let’s party.'”

Lehnardt allegedly let the teenagers smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. She allegedly joined them for some naked Twister in her living room and then, while the others played, she allegedly had sex with an 18-year-old in the bathroom. Afterward, Lehnardt told the sponsor, she was still “‘horny'” so she allegedly took her sex toys to the living room and played with them in front of the teens.

They all got in her hot tub nude where “‘the party continued,'” Lehnardt told the sponsor.

At some point, Lehnardt fell asleep in her bed and woke up allegedly as someone was having sex with her. She told the sponsor she thought it was the 18-year-old she been with earlier but it was her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend. The teen has not been charged because “there is no evidence of rape,” since Lehnardt “refuses to discuss the case,” Capt. Steve Morris of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office told the New York Daily News.

“Just when you think you’ve seen everything or heard everything, we find that we haven’t,” Morris also told the New York Daily News.

She has been released from jail on a $3,200 bond.

“Mrs. Lehnardt has recommitted herself to her faith and her family,” Hammond told WJBF-TV. “She is hopeful that her children, members of her faith and others will learn from her poor example as to just how easy it is for people to exercise such extremely poor judgment while intoxicated.

“In regards to the connection this case has with Alcoholics Anonymous, Mrs. Lehnardt continues to participate in and strongly believes in the program. She truly regrets any negative media coverage that this matter may have had on the organization.”

Lehnardt is divorcing her husband who is an Iraq war veteran, according to USA Today. Lehnardt began drinking late last year when she separated from her husband, according to the New York Daily News.