The White House early Monday morning. (The Washington Post)

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An intruder climbed the White House fence late Sunday night but was quickly taken into custody, the Secret Service said.

The incident occurred about 10:25 p.m. on the south side of the White House complex. The south side faces the Washington Monument.

The fence-climber was immediately taken into custody by officers in the uniformed division of the Secret Service, said Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary.

The individual carried a package that was examined and found to be harmless, Leary said early this morning.

The fence on the south side is similar to that on the north side, which faces Pennsylvania Avenue. It was not known why the fence was climbed Sunday night.

Security at the White House has been of particular concern since last year when a man climbed the fence on the north side, ran across the lawn and entered the White House itself.

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Proposals for increasing security have included plans to make the fence more difficult to scale. The present fence is about eight feet tall.

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