For at least the fifth time this month, Europe was transfixed by a disaster in the Mediterranean this weekend, where the crew of an Italian coast guard vessel labored to pull bodies of drowned migrants from the inky waters. World attention focuses on the plight of these refugees only occasionally, when the scale of a single tragedy makes it inescapable. But there’s a longer history of tragedy, with losses of life that are staggering.

See for yourself with this interactive graphic. It was prepared by Silk, a data visualization company, based on data from the Migrants Files, a European journalism project that keeps track of deaths of people seeking refuge in Europe due to a variety of causes, including drowning at sea. We reproduce it here with permission from Silk. For additional charts from Silk, click here. The total number of deaths in the latest capsizing is now between 800 and 850. The latest figures may not be reflected in the map data. To see previous years, just click on the “year” field and scroll down the menu.