When Carl Moore came face-to-face with a 300-pound black bear trying to kill his dogs, he did what anyone would do.

Wait. Scratch that.

When Carl Moore came face-to-face with a 300-pound black bear trying to kill his dogs, he did what pretty much only Carl Moore would do: He punched the animal in its face.

“The man or beast that I run from ain’t been born and his momma’s already dead,” the 75-year-old told CBS Sacramento.

“I ain’t running from nothing,” he added. “I never have in my whole life, and I ain’t gonna start now.”

The April 20 incident began when Moore heard one of his beloved dogs — a chihuahua named “Lacy” — whimpering on the porch of his Meadow Vista, Calif., home. The protective owner burst outside and found a black bear attempting to slip under a gate blocking access to the porch.

Moore believes it was the same black bear that had been spotted in the area in recent weeks and was responsible for killing and eating several dozen of his chickens, according to local Fox affiliate KTXL.

“I raised both hands in the air, and I cussed at him,” Moore told CBS.

It could have ended there, but the bear made a crucial miscalculation.

“He looked at me like, ‘Go eff yourself!'” Moore told CBS.

That’s when Moore — a Marine and bouncer, who boxed competitively in his youth — snapped. As the bear turned to scamper off, Moore opened the gate and rushed the bear, prompting the animal to whirl around and stand on its hind legs, according to CBS.

“He turned and BOOM, I hit him hard!” Moore said, recounting his haymaker.

The “hard-to-believe encounter,” as the Associated Press put it, was witnessed by two men who were inside his house at the time.

One of those men, John Sergant, a friend and employee at the construction company Moore owns, said the punch went down just like Moore said it did.

“He spins around, gets up on his haunches, and Carl just blasted him,” Sergant told NBC affiliate WHDH. “Crazy.”

Sergant may have been shocked, but suggested that taking a swing at a bear is not exactly out of character for Moore.

“He’s an ex-First Recon Marine,” he told WHDH. “He’s been in barroom brawls, all kind of stuff.”

If the bear returns, Moore promised authorities he will put down his fists and call them first, according to CBS.

“This guy’s a jerk, but he ain’t been back since he got smacked by Carl,” he said.

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