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Creepy skeletons in Colorado River having a tea party are not real, police say

A report of human remains found in the Colorado River turned out to be false. (Video: La Paz County Sheriff)

When salty dogs talk of Davy Jones’s locker, this isn’t quite what they have in mind. And when the Mad Hatter spoke of a tea party, this wasn’t quite what he had in mind either.

A snorkeler in the Colorado River in Arizona called the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office when he believed he came across human remains about 40 feet below the surface. After divers investigated, the skeletons turned out to be fakes sitting in lawn chairs set for a tea party.

“Although the call itself was resource intensive, both the Sheriff’s Office and Buckskin Fire were happy to find that the remains weren’t real and thanked the reporting party for making the call,” the office wrote on Facebook.

[The ‘Masonic Fraternal Police Department’ is not a real police department, police say]

As the skeletons were wearing sunglasses and one was holding a sign that said “Bernie” — perhaps a reference to the 1989 film “Weekend at Bernie’s,” in which Andrew McCarthy and Johnathan Silverman attempt to pass a dead man off as alive — the set-up was deemed a joke.

“I don’t think they were trying to set up anything to scare anyone,” Lt. Curtis Bagby told the Associated Press. “I think they were gonna try to be funny.”

Further investigation: not required.

“Things happen,” Bagby said. “We go all the time to false alarms. That’s just a first-responder’s life. We’re trying not to be overly concerned about it, not make too big a deal out of it.”

After recovering the skeletons, the sheriff’s office may go so far as to pose them outside their place of business for a laugh. But those who think that sheriffs with a sense of humor are sheriffs that can be fooled around with have got another thing coming.

“We like to show some things that are fun, some levity, too,” Bagby said. “But in the meantime, don’t think it’s okay to go put something there.”

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