Okay, before we get into the guts of this story, I’d like to start with a note of thanks to the Baxter Bulletin, which compiled a very comprehensive list of things consumed by Benno, a Belgian Malinois dog from Baxter County, Ark.

That list includes glass, various items of clothing, sewing pins, and drywall, which is my personal favorite, if only because the Arkansas newspaper notes in a parenthetical: “just randomly ate a piece of wall.”

But we’re not here because of the clothes or the pins or even the glass or the random drywall.

We are here because in late April, Benno ate 23 rounds of live ammunition.

Twenty-three rounds.

Of .308 caliber ammunition.

In the dog’s belly.

Here is the X-ray proof:

Here’s a close-up of some of the rounds:


“You can baby-proof a house,” Benno’s owner, Larry “Sonny” Brassfield, told the newspaper. “But I don’t think it’s possible to Benno-proof a house. Lord knows, we’ve tried and failed.”

Here’s how it happened: Brassfield said he was filling ammo cans one April evening but left some in a bag, according to the Bulletin. The next morning, Brassfield’s wife told him that the dog had vomited, and that’s when Brassfield realized something was wrong.

Benno is apparently doing fine now, if you were wondering.

He had surgery, the newspaper reported, and the vet, Sarah Sexton, removed most of the ammunition from his system. The rest … uhh … well you know.

Benno is expected to completely bounce back, is the point of this paragraph, anyway.

Here’s how the Bulletin described the surgery:

Sexton operated on Benno and during a procedure that lasted approximately two hours, she removed 16 live, highly chewed rounds and one shell from the dog’s stomach.
“It was an adventure. If you think of the stomach as a balloon, where I made my incision, all the heavy metal went to the bottom,” said Sexton. “I had to scoop it all up and bring it up to the location of my incision.”

“We said in school there’s what’s in the books and there’s what you see in the real world,” Sexton told the newspaper. “This is something they certainly did not cover in school. I’ve had dogs eat things before, mostly stuffed toys. Once I had one swallow a hearing aid, but I think this takes the cake.”

Probably so, yes.