Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna poo? (Shelby Township Police Department via AP)

This photo is a gift.

On Thursday, Michigan’s Shelby Township police took a stray pig into custody. They put the pig in the back of a patrol car. The pig then pooped all over the backseat.

The police department has taken a lighthearted approach to the figurative and literal mess and even posted photographic evidence of the poop on Facebook. (Warning: This photo contains a lot of pig poop, which I feel like you should be able to handle since you’re reading this story.)

“I’ve seen pigs at large, dogs at large, monkeys at large, parakeets at large, horses at large,” Deputy Chief Mark Coil told the Detroit News. “For some odd reason, Shelby Township is like Noah’s ark.”

This particular saga began after Debbie DeRiemaecker, outside doing yardwork, spotted the pig running around, she told ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV. The pig chased her but then became distracted by a lawn ornament, so DeRiemaecker called 911, laughing, the station reported.

“We were able to corral the pig,” Coil told the Detroit News. “It was returned to the owner without incident.”

Well, there was some incident (please once again refer to the pig poop photo). An officer showed up and put the pig in the back of his car. “Yes that is in my Shelby Township police car,” the officer said in a video showing the pig oinking from the car.

If you have been following our piggy story, you will get a kick out of this. Officer Treworgy just sent me this “post arrest” video of the “perp”. You can hear Tree say something like ” yup, that’s in my police car”….. Almost like he’s trying to convince himself that there is actually a pig in the back of his patrol car. Lol!

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Friday, May 29, 2015

According to police, the pig’s owner showed up at the station to clean up the mess the pig left behind.

Oh, and whoever is managing the department’s Facebook presence is doing a superb job with pig puns. Exhibit A:

Ok, since we are getting so much mileage out of this pig thing, would now be a terrible time to ask for some page likes? PLEASE…. I’m BACON YOU….to like our page! – Officer L

Posted by Shelby Township Police Department on Friday, May 29, 2015

Nope, not a terrible time to ask that. In fact, this is the best way to ask for more likes.


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