Though every day is a good day for doughnuts, Friday is the official good day. For on National Doughnut Day — celebrated on the first Friday in June for almost 80 years — some of the doughnuts are free.

Prepare your palates.

“Donuts have a special place in our country’s history and culture, creating moments of delight, lifting spirits and bringing people together at work and at home,” Jeff Miller, executive chef and vice president of product innovation at Dunkin’ Donuts’ Dunkin’ Brands, said in a statement. “We are proud to celebrate this timeless favorite on National Donut Day with our loyal guests by once again offering a free donut with the purchase of any beverage, and pleased to share this offer with all of our donut fans all around the world.”

Not to be outdone, Krispy Kreme is also offering a free doughnut on June 5 — though, for some reason, not in Connecticut. So try to stay out of the Constitution State on June 5.

Obligatory warning: Doughnuts are terrible for you, even when they don’t have titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

Though justification for a free doughnut is never required, Doughnut Day honors … um … [chewing] … the Salvation Army [swallowing]. The organization’s “doughgirls” once delivered doughnuts to the “doughboys,” and in 1938 it was made an official thing.

“Do you know World War I and World War II soldiers have fond memories of the Salvation Army offering them complimentary doughnuts and coffee during wartime?” a video produced by the charitable organization asked.

We do now.