In a long message posted through social media Thursday, Jason Alexander — a.k.a. George of “Seinfeld” — apologized for recent comments about the death of his TV fiancée on “Seinfeld.”

“Ok folks, I feel officially awful,” Alexander wrote.

In an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, Alexander confirmed rumors that “Seinfeld” ditched Susan, played by Heidi Swedberg, because the cast didn’t like the actress who played her — or, at least, didn’t like her comic stylings. Her character died licking envelopes that turned out to be toxic while sending out wedding invitations.

“The story goes that she was killed off because you couldn’t stand working with her,” Stern told Alexander.

Alexander: “Her instincts for doing a scene — where the comedy was — and mine were always misfiring.”

In his message, Alexander walked that back.

“I and the cast really liked and like Heidi,” Alexander wrote in a post titled “Oh dear God, leave Heidi alone.” “She is a kind, lovely person who undoubtedly worked really hard to create Susan and that character was clearly what Larry [David, co-creator of “Seinfeld"] and Jerry wanted her to be for George. I just felt I was on uncertain ground in how to play off that character and I was always concerned that it wasn’t working.”

Alexander blamed himself.

“Heidi would always ask if there was anything in the scenes she could do or if I had any thoughts,” he wrote. “She was generous and gracious and I am so mad at myself for retelling this story in any way that would diminish her. If I had had more maturity or more security in my own work, I surely would have taken her query and possibly tried to adjust the scenes with her.”

Alexander asked the media to back off.

“So, to all the press that is now running wild with this 15 year old story, please don’t pervert it,” he wrote. “No one told Heidi to do anything different – and she surely would have, if asked. And no one that I am aware of, including myself, didn’t like her.”

Alexander concluded by saying sorry.

“To Heidi, I personally apologize,” he wrote. “You are a sweetheart. I actually launched into this on Stern to defend you. But this is why I’m not a lawyer.”