Bart Simpson will die. Albeit only temporarily.

In the latest news to rock a show that just wrapped its 26th season, a “Simpsons” executive producer has revealed that the young sloganeer and skateboard enthusiast will meet his end at the hands of Sideshow Bob, his arch nemesis voiced by Kelsey Grammer, in the show’s always over-the-top Halloween episode.

“You’re going to see Sideshow Bob do something he’s wanted to do for a long time,” Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly in an interview at Austin’s ATX Television Festival.

The target on Bart’s back is born of Jean’s wish — and perhaps, the wish of some fans — to see the malevolent 10-year old get his in some form or fashion.

“I’m one of the people that always wanted the Coyote to eat the Roadrunner,” he said. “You can see where this is going … I hated frustrated comedy. We’ll scratch that itch in the Halloween show.”

Fortunately, schadenfreude over Bart’s demise will cost viewers nothing in the long-term. The narrative of “Simpsons” Halloween episodes doesn’t affect the overall narrative arc of the series. (In previous Halloween installments, for example, President Clinton has been replaced by an alien and Homer has made like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”)

Bart’s reported demise comes in a year of turbulence for ‘The Simpsons.’ Longtime cast member Harry Shearer, who voiced Mr. Burns among many other characters, announced he was leaving the show. Though Jean said producers hope to bring Shearer back to the table, his status remains uncertain.

Then there are those that say it’s time for “The Simpsons” to give up the ghost entirely.

“It’s lost the sublime fusion of plot, characterization, visual pizazz, parody, satire and heart that made early episodes so amazing,” television critic Matt Zoller Seitz wrote in 2011. “Matt Groening’s once-magnificent, indispensable comedy about a dysfunctional family has become obligatory and disposable, churning out 22 seasons to no discernible end beyond lengthening an ever-weirder list of guest voices. (Yes, Russell Brand, I’m talking about you.)”