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2,200 piglets set loose on Ohio highway after truck overturns

A semitrailer tipped and crashed near Xenia, Ohio, on Monday, unleashing the more than 2,000 pigs on board. (Video: Dayton Daily News)
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Squeals could be heard along U.S. Route 35 outside Dayton, Ohio, as local authorities and volunteers wrangled some of the 2,200 piglets that were set loose after a semitrailer overturned.

The truck, traveling from South Carolina to Indiana, lost control and slammed into a guardrail, the Associated Press reported. The driver was not hurt but his fiancee, who was also traveling in the vehicle, sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, the AP also reported.

“There’s quite a few dead pigs,” Xenia Township Fire Chief Dean Fox told the Dayton Daily News. According to the local paper, 300 to 400 piglets have died, and others have ran off into the woods.

“Probably we’ll never get a hold of them…” Fox told the Paper. “We’ll try as hard as we can, but we probably won’t retrieve them all. I can’t say what will happen to the pigs.

“If somebody finds a pig and wants to turn it in, call the local law enforcement and we’ll try to take care of it.”

The paper also reported that the remaining pigs were taken to the Greene County Fairgrounds where, because of stress, some would have to be euthanized. Subsequently, however, the paper reported that “volunteers have been able to water [the piglets] down [once they arrived at the fairgrounds] so very few are showing stress.” About 1,500 piglets were at the fairgrounds as of Monday night, according to the paper.