Take a moment to let this concept work its way through your mind.

Imagine a pizza, cooked up just like any other pizza, except with one very notable difference: It has 28 mini-hot dogs baked right into the crust. It’s basically a pizza surrounded by a halo of hot dogs.

Pizza Hut will begin offering the Hot Dog Bites Pizza with a side of French’s mustard starting June 18, according to a company statement. The chain already sold a variation of a hot dog crust pizza overseas, which featured fewer hot dogs.

Some may lament this as a monstrosity that signals the downfall of Western civilization — which, sure, you’re entitled to your opinion! But not me. As an avid proponent of creative ways to consume pizza, I welcome any and all pizza innovations. Plus, this could be a good way to avoid that all-too-common dilemma: pizza or hot dogs?

Late last year, Pizza Hut announced the introduction of 10 new crust flavors — including Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Ginger Boom Boom and Get Curried Away — as part of its effort to revamp following sagging sales.

They didn’t bother mentioning a hot-dog-ringed pizza.

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