As some call for South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag flying near its statehouse after Charleston’s shooting last week, conservatives in the news and on social media are worrying about what liberals might “ban” next. Target No. 1, some said, might be Old Glory.

“Is the American flag next?” Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle said on June 23, as Media Matters reported.

“People can also try to suggest that this . . . symbolizes wars, oppression. I was having a thoughtful conversation the other night with [conservative radio commentator] Laura Ingraham and she was saying to me, you know, at one point somebody will say they’re offended by this” flag.

On Wednesday, on her own radio show, Ingraham hinted at such concerns.

“[They’re] moving on from the flag to statues, memorials, perhaps Civil War reenactments, until what else?” Ingraham said, as Breitbart reported. “What else becomes an untouchable or unshowable in our society?”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was more specific.

“It’s not going to stop with the Confederate flag, because it’s not about the Confederate flag,” he said on June 23. “It is about destroying the South as a political force. It’s about isolating, targeting and identifying the South as Dylann Roof. … If you don’t think the American flag is in their crosshairs down the road, you had better stop and reconsider. The American flag is what? It’s the symbol of America. The left, what? Doesn’t like this country very much and never has.”

A confederate flag flies next to the Alabama Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Alabama Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala., Monday, June 22, 2015. (Albert Cesare/The Montgomery Advertiser via AP) NO SALES; MANDATORY CREDIT
A Confederate flag on the grounds of the Alabama capitol building in Montgomery, since removed. (Albert Cesare/Montgomery Advertiser via AP)

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol characterized the recent frenzy over the Confederate flag as a purge and said the most famous political address in American history might be the next thing on the chopping block.

“It’s our own mini-French Revolution, expunging history in a frenzy of self-righteousness,” Kristol tweeted. “… Next, Left will ban teaching of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural in schools. None of that ‘with malice toward none, with charity for all’ stuff.”

Many examples — some serious, some satirical — about the next liberal target were collected on Twitter under the hashtag “#liberalsnextban.” Some examples:


Of course, a hashtag is always vulnerable to being co-opted.