Summer Safety Tips!

Posted by Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nothing you can learn from Discovery’s “Shark Week” will be as helpful as this piece of advice on preventing shark attacks: Stay out of the ocean.

The wisdom comes from a Tennessee guidance counselor named Veronica Poleate, whose recent Facebook video has taken the Internet by storm, accruing more than 11 million views as of Thursday morning. Poleate titled the video “Summer Safety Tips!”

“Go to the beach, don’t go to the ocean. The ocean is the shark’s house,” she said in the video. “When you’re going to the beach, go to the beach. You watch the ocean from a distance.”

Poleate added: “The shark has the right to eat you up when you get in his house. When chickens come in my house, guess what? They get ate. When pigs come in my house, they on my plate.”

Poleate has never been in the ocean and she said the recent news that “somebody else got ate up by a shark” incited her to recommend her foolproof shark attack prevention method. So, while simultaneously recording herself and driving to church, eyes darting back-and-forth between camera and road, Poleate pleaded for safety this summer.

“I want you all to be mindful when you’re vacationing,” she said. “Let’s use some common sense.”

In a radio interview, Poleate said “I’m not scared of sharks, I respect sharks. I respect them in their house. It’s all about respect and if we got that concept down as humans the world would be a much better place.”

Poleate added that she has been asked by several people to run for president and that she eagerly awaits invitations to appear on “Ellen,” “Steve Harvey” and other shows.

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