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In jail voicemail, Sandra Bland said she was ‘at a loss for words’: report

In a voicemail left for a friend, Sandra Bland said from jail that she was at “a loss for words” after a traffic stop in Texas ended in her arrest, according to a report.

KTRK, an ABC affiliate in Houston, said it obtained the short voicemail message and verified it with a local judge.

Bland, a 28-year-old African American woman, died in the Waller County Jail on July 13, three days after her arrest.

[Sandra Bland previously attempted suicide, jail documents say]

“Hey this is me,” Bland says in the message, according to KTRK. “I’m, um, I just was able to see the judge. I don’t really know. They got me set at a $5,000 bond. I’m still just at a loss for words honestly, about this whole process, how switching lanes with no signal turned into all of this, I don’t even know. But I’m still here, so, I guess call me back when you can.”

Waller County Judge Trey Duhon told ABC News that Bland also placed calls to a sibling and a bondsman on the same day she left the voicemail for her friend.

ABC News reported:

Her sister, Sharon Cooper, confirmed this afternoon that they have been told that Bland had a court hearing between her arrest and the morning of July 13 when she was found hanging dead in her cell.

Bland’s death has been classified as a suicide by hanging, but those who knew her have questioned that determination, and authorities are now investigating.

A telephone message left with a Waller County Sheriff’s Office spokesman was not immediately returned Thursday, nor were e-mails to Duhon and the Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis.

You can listen to the voicemail here.

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