Fox, a 13-year-old Pomeranian, ran outside the Florida condo where he lived to go to the bathroom Friday night. The dog never returned.

“I called for him and I didn’t hear anything,” Verline Barthelemy told the Sun Sentinel. “He’d always come back.”

The next morning, Fox’s body was discovered outside of the building by a “frantic” neighbor, the dog’s owner, Ronald Boisvert, told the Associated Press.

Taped to the dead dog’s body was a note, written on a torn piece of notebook paper.

“WE BEAT IT 2 DEATH lol! : ) HAHAHA!” it read, according to the Pembroke Pines Police Department.

“When I read it, it was just horrible, horrifying,” Barthelemy told ABC affiliate WPLG. “I just started crying, like, I can’t even talk about it. It hurts.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case like this in the city,” Pembroke Pines Police Maj. Carlos Bermudez said at a news conference Tuesday, according to the Sun Sentinel. The newspaper noted that Bermudez called the dog’s death “a tragic and sad event. Pembroke Pines Police takes cases like this very seriously.”


Doctors at Saint Francis Animal Hospital examined the dog and found that he had sustained multiple fractures. “According to the veterinarian, these injuries are consistent with blunt force trauma,” police said in a statement.

Barthelemy, reading from the veterinarian report, told the Sun Sentinel that Fox’s stomach was “displaced” and that his jaw, spine and ribs were fractured. “I’m hoping that after the first hit, he was already gone and didn’t feel what came next,” she told the paper.


Veterinarian Ron Ridge told the AP that Fox was likely kicked to death. The dog had 10 broken ribs and was missing teeth.

“What disturbs me the most is that somebody apparently thought this was humorous and took joy and pleasure in presenting the dog like this,” Ridge said, according to WPLG.

While Pembroke Pines police are actively searching for suspects in the animal cruelty case, they do not believe other dogs are in danger.


“The PPPD would like to let dog owners know that as of now the horrific murder of Fox, the pomeranian, appears to be an isolated incident,” the department wrote Tuesday on Facebook. “While we always encourage animal owners to be cautious with leaving their pets unattended, we have no reason to believe that other dogs are at risk at this time.”

At the news conference, Bermudez, the police major, “would not reveal many details of the case,” according to the Sun-Sentinel. But, he said, the suspect “has to be someone that knows the pet belongs to these individuals. As far as why they did what they did, I can’t speculate.”

This post, originally published on Aug. 11, has been updated.