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No place like home: All 15 MLB home teams come away with wins Tuesday

New York Mets left fielder Michael Cuddyer, right, positions himself for the next batter during the fourth inning against the Colorado Rockies on Aug. 11 in New York. (Julie Jacobson/AP)
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There’s no place like home.

On Tuesday, for the first time in the history of Major League Baseball, all 15 home teams won their games.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau (and you can check the math yourself on the previous record for home teams on a single day was 12-0, set more than 100 years ago on May 23, 1914 — the same season Ty Cobb hit .368 and the Washington Senators’ Walter Johnson had 28 wins.

Baseball fans are known for their fondness for random, obscure stats, and Tuesday’s entry into the history books comes with some caveats, if not asterisks.

For one, the 15-0 mark wasn’t possible before MLB expanded to 30 teams in 1998.

And of course, because of days off and other scheduling issues, all 30 teams don’t play every day.

Oakland Athletics 2 – Toronto Blue Jays 4

Colorado Rockies 0 – New York Mets 4

New York Yankees 4 – Cleveland Indians 5

Boston Red Sox 4 – Miami Marlins 5

Atlanta Braves 0 – Tampa Bay Rays 2

Milwaukee Brewers 3 – Chicago Cubs 6

Detroit Tigers 1 – Kansas City Royals 6

Los Angeles Angels 0 – Chicago White Sox 3

Texas Rangers 2 – Minnesota Twins 3

Pittsburgh Pirates 3 – St. Louis Cardinals 4

Philadelphia Phillies 1 – Arizona Diamondbacks 13

Washington Nationals 0 – Los Angeles Dodgers 5

Baltimore Orioles 5 – Seattle Mariners 6

Cincinnati Reds 6 – San Diego Padres 11

Houston Astros 1 – San Francisco Giants 3