A Michigan man told police he robbed a neighborhood bank to help pay for his one-year-old daughter’s chemotherapy, according to South Lyon Police.

Brian Daniel Randolph, 23, appeared in court Wednesday morning on armed robbery and bank robbery charges, the Detroit Free Press reported. He is being held on a $500,000 bond, and he could face a life sentence, according to police.

According to a police case report, Randolph entered the Vibe Credit Union on the morning of Aug. 12 and handed the teller a note that said he wanted $20,000 and he was carrying a shot gun in his pants. A teller gave him about $9,000 in cash, according to police.

A Facebook tip eventually led to Randolph’s arrest, according to authorities. When investigators asked Randolph why he robbed the bank, “he said that his one-year-old daughter has cancer and he was thinking about medical bills,” police wrote in the case report.

He also told them he wrote the robbery note but he “wasn’t sure if he was going to go through with it” at first, according to the report.

South Lyon Police said they found a “large portion” of the money taken in the robbery inside of Randolph’s rental car, along with recent purchases from Gucci and H&M. Randolph told police he also spent $1,500 of the money on rent payments.

When asked whether Randolph’s daughter has cancer, Lt. Chris Sovik told The Post via e-mail, “from what we understand, she does. He indicated that he robbed [sic] the bank to help pay for cancer treatments.”

Sovik told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday, “I can certainly understand. You want to do everything you can to protect your daughter. But there are lots of fathers whose daughters have cancer as well, and you don’t see them out there robbing banks all the time.”

Randolph’s aunt Deborah Randolph told Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ, “The only thing he’s worried about is providing the care that he needs to for his child.” She added: “I’m heartbroken and I cannot believe he’s going through this.”

A GoFundMe page was established nearly a year ago to raise money for Randolph’s daughter, who suffers from Retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that most commonly affects young children. The fundraising page contains pictures of the baby with her parents after she received chemotherapy treatments.

A new message was posted onto the page Wednesday by the baby’s mother. She writes that the couple recently received a letter from their insurance provider that the baby’s chemotherapy treatments were no longer covered.

“As the world knows my daughters father is currently in jail for a bank robbery,” reads the message. “To some of the world he is a monster to us he is a father that wanted to protect his daughter.”

Asia Dupree, who Randolph told police was his girlfriend, told WXYZ that the insurance provider recently called her back and explained coverage had been canceled because the policy wasn’t renewed after the baby’s first birthday, a step she didn’t realize she had to take.

“Now she’s going through chemo again and her father is not around,” reads the GoFundMe message.