For young girls, there’s two kinds of “The Talk.”

There’s the sex talk, of course. But before that, there’s “Da Period Talk.”

That’s what Lammily, the toy company known for selling ‘”Normal Barbies” (fashion dolls with realistic body proportions), calls the conversation that parents must have with their daughters about their menstrual period. Inevitably awkward and confusing, it’s the dilemma that Lammily founder Nickolay Lamm had on his mind when he felt inspired to create “Period Party” — a doll accessory kit complete with an educational pamphlet, panties, pads and even a calendar to keep track of your doll’s cycle.

The idea came to him while he was watching a commercial by HelloFlo, a company that sells menstrual care packages, and shortly after Donald Trump remarked to CNN that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” during the first Republican presidential debate.

“I don’t want to make this anything political, because I’m sure some of my customers are Trump supporters,” Lamm told The Post, “but I think that’s just one example of how menstruation is so taboo that somebody would even use it as an insult.”

Women are accustomed to furtively transporting pads in oversized wallets, while pad and tampon companies have long used blue liquids in place of anything that would resemble real blood. (In 2010, Kotex poked fun at their own aesthetic in a satirical ad.)

Lammily’s kit is meant to dispel any stigma surrounding the experience, particularly for teens and pre-teens who are being exposed to menstruation for the first time.

With the help of “Period Party,” Lamm hopes, “Maybe young girls can accept menstruation just like they do brushing their teeth.”