Look at that dummy. (Charles V. Tines/Detroit News via AP)

NOBODY PANIC. It’s just a dummy! I promise.

Remember Halloween? Delightful holiday, happening in a few weeks?

Yeah, sometimes people really commit to Halloween. And sometimes, when those people really commit to Halloween, other people call the cops, because their decorations are bonkers — and look like a realistic dying or dead person, face down in a Detroit yard.

Here’s the Detroit News, with the details:

Earlier in the week, officers were repeatedly called to the area after receiving reports of a man down, but they determined, as in the previous days, that it was merely the dummy, said Detroit Police Officer Shanelle Williams.

“We received one call each about the dummy on the sixth, seventh and eighth,” Officer Jennifer Moreno said. “But as of Friday, the only call we received to Mendota was to check on the welfare of a 99-year-old woman.”

The dummy, pictured above, face-down, belongs to LaRethia Haddon, and it’s a longstanding Halloween tradition, according to the News.

“I used to live in Redford Township, and oh God — the police department, fire department, they would come out every day,” Haddon told the newspaper last week. “Everywhere I’ve ever lived, it’s always been this way. But this year, for some reason, it’s getting a lot of attention.”

The News reports that Haddon moves the dummy to a new spot each morning, then just watches people reacting to it “as she sips coffee in her living room.”

“The corner is always full of cars,” Haddon told the paper. “People running up trying to do CPR. Once they find out it’s a dummy, it’s so hilarious.”

It’s kind of hilarious that LaRethia Haddon thinks this is hilarious, right? LaRethia!!! People think they might have to perform CPR out there in your front yard! Stop sipping your coffee and put up a dang sign, maybe?

“I’m trying to bring laughter to Detroit,” Haddon told the newspaper. “We really need it.”

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