How many words would a chicken tweet if a chicken could tweet words?

In the case of Betty, a chicken from Perth, the answer so far has been two. Or none, if you’re asking the Guinness World Record judges.

In the eclectic mix of a corporate ad campaign and a bid for the record books, the Australian fast food franchise Chicken Treat — surprise, it specializes in barbecue chicken — has given Betty unfettered access to their company Twitter account and vows to allow her free reign of the keyboard until she successfully types a five-letter word.

(Or until the end of November, whichever comes first.)

Five letters is the standard required for her to be named by Guinness as the first chicken to tweet, according to the Chicken Treat video.

Betty’s inaugural tweet went out last Wednesday, and she’s been at it ever since. To no one’s surprise but everyone’s disappointment, most of her missives have been in “Chickenese” and not Australia’s native English. She has flirted with making history on just three occasions: Saturday, when she typed “FEW”; this Wednesday, when she typed “bum”; and just yesterday, when she typed “few” again, this time in lower case.

What are Chicken Treat-goers to make of this nonsensical marketing effort? Presumably, Betty’s followers shouldn’t become too attached to her, lest they feel called to vegetarianism.

The chain’s CEO, Mimma Battista, told Perth Now that she hopes Betty will appeal to younger demographics.

“Social media is a powerful and instant way for us to have a conversation with our customers,” she said. “We felt the #chickentweet idea would reflect that in a lighthearted and unique way.”

While some have expressed concern for Betty’s welfare, Chicken Treat has assured that her tweeting marathon was approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Besides, she isn’t even one of the chickens who will be turned into a Chicken Treat ChiCow Burger (that includes both a chicken patty and a beef patty). A restaurant representative told Junkee that Betty is a domestic chicken belonging to a Perth family.

“In no way is she being forced into anything,” the spokesperson said. “She is much-loved and has an entire grassed backyard to roam around.”

Tweet away, then, Betty. The Internet is watching.