Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick last year. (John Parra/Getty Images for Wildfox)

It was a nightmarish week for the Kardashian clan. Former NBA star Lamar Odom, Khloé Kardashian’s almost-but-not-quite ex-husband, was discovered unconscious in a Nevada brothel, pinkish fluid running from his nose and mouth after reportedly using cocaine and “herbal Viagra.” As Odom, too tall to be flown, was rushed to the hospital — where he’s still fighting for his life — Khloé, her sisters Kim and Kylie, her mother Kris and her stepmother Caitlyn Jenner rushed to his side. And the Kardashians’ ubiquitous reality TV camera crew even stopped rolling as the story captivated anyone interested in sports, pop culture, the FDA’s opinion on suspect sexual performance boosters — and how joining a family famous for being famous may have hastened a troubled athlete’s downfall.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-partner Scott Disick went to rehab. Again.

Reports from US Weekly of Disick’s trip to a treatment facility in Malibu, Calif., came after he shared this dramatic message on his Instagram account.


“Never give up” was an appropriate sentiment.

Disick, 32, is best known for his nine-year relationship with Kourtney, with whom he has three children — and for his recurrent issues with drugs and alcohol. His signature move: going to rehab for undisclosed ailments. Earlier this year, an attempt at recovery in Costa Rica proved unsuccessful.

At first, Disick was optimistic about the program offered by the Central American nation’s New Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

“While I have been unconvinced in the past of treatment and therapy methods, Rythmia’s rehab approach puts my worries at ease,” he wrote. “The fact that there is a money back guarantee that has never been called upon gives me even more confidence. I am looking forward to starting my therapy and iboga treatment there.” (Iboga is a plant known for its psychedelic properties and possible benefits in treating addiction, though it is illegal in the United States.)

Then, Disick ditched.

“Everybody was under the impression that I was going to Costa Rica for a month for something, but the truth was I was never planning to go for a month, I was planning to go for as long as I went, which was the week, and work on myself, and I’m not done working on myself,” he said in March. “And I actually plan to go back to the place because I think it’s an amazing place.”

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Disick in 2012. (David Becker/Getty Images)

TMZ, meanwhile, reported that Disick went to treatment to make a play for custody of his children — Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 10 months.

“Kourtney Kardashian won’t let him have unsupervised visitation until she knows he’s clean,” the Web site noted.

Kourtney, at least on Twitter, seemed more interested in Odom’s plight.

And an unnamed source told Hollywood Life that seeing Odom in such terrible condition only bolstered Disick’s desire to clean up his act.

“Lamar’s situation has only reinforced the fact that Scott needs to go to rehab before things get worse and he loses everything,” the source said. “It really hit home.”

There have been reports that Odom and Disick, both Kardashian exes, have bonded in the past; Odom reportedly counseled Disick to reconcile with Kourtney for the sake of his children.