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Bobbi Kristina Brown ‘didn’t really hide’ drug use in final days, friend says in deposition

Bobbi Kristina Brown in 2012. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

When Bobby Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died in July almost six months after being found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub, the eerie similarities to her mother’s death only added to fans’ heartbreak. Houston, after all, had been found the same way in 2012, with cocaine in her system the day before the Grammy Awards.

Now, new details about Bobbi Kristina’s final days have emerged that make her demise seem all the more similar to her mother’s. In parts of a Sept. 24, 2015, deposition in a Georgia civil lawsuit that was obtained by Radar Online and WXIA TV in Atlanta, a friend who lived with the 21-year-old in her Georgia home testified to Bobbi Kristina’s penchant for drugs.

“I had believed she had done — she smoked marijuana, she probably smoked crack often, and also did heroin,” Danyela D. Bradley said. Her testimony was sometimes contradictory — she also said Bobbi Kristina smoked crack “like once or twice every two weeks,” and smoked crack or did heroin “very, very few times” in her presence. Asked specifically about heroin, Bradley said, “I never seen her do it.”

[Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, dead at 22]

“Just by her physical being, you can tell like when she’s high,” Bradley said.

She described what Bobbi Kristina was like while on drugs.

“When she would do the heroin she’d just be very sleepy, nod off, and very less talkative, kind of keep to herself,” Bradley said. “… When she would smoke crack, she would just not even be talkative. She’d just be like keeping to herself as well.”

Bradley’s testimony came in a deposition for Eckerman vs. Ford Motor, a case filed by a man Bobbi Kristina allegedly injured in a car accident just days before she was found non-responsive. However, Bradley’s testimony may have significant impact on a wrongful death suit filed by Bobbi Kristina’s conservator against her partner, Nick Gordon, who allegedly gave her “a toxic cocktail” the day she lost consciousness.

In the deposition, Bradley, who said she and Bobbi “had grew into sisters up until her passing,” said she lived in Bobbi Kristina’s home in January with Gordon and Bobbi Kristina’s friend, Max Lomas. As time went by, she said, Bobbi Kristina was open about her substance use.

“I guess after a few weeks she just didn’t really hide it,” Bradley said.

Bradley also described Bobbi Kristina’s driving on the day of the accident, when Bobbi Kristina insisted on driving Bradley’s car.

“She was driving kind of recklessly,” Bradley said. “… I was trying to convince her the whole time to pull over and let me drive my car because — just because I wanted to drive. I just wanted to. It was my car. And was just like, ‘You know, I’m a really good driver. You should trust me.’ ”

Bradley also shed light on Bobbi Kristina’s relationship with Gordon. They were initially reported to be married; soon after she was found in the bathtub, it emerged that the “marriage” might not be official.

“I believe they were not married,” Bradley said. “They were in a relationship but I do not know for a fact whether they were or not. I just from what I was told or from her, they were not legally married.”

She also said Gordon was the more hard-core drug user.

“Nick smoked it more than her,” she said.