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‘Obviously not one of the wise men’: British driver tries to hide from police in Nativity scene

The Tadcaster, England, tableau had all the necessary components of a good Nativity scene.

Infant Christ? Check.

Mary and Joseph? Check.

Three wise men? Farm animals resting on a bed of hay? Check and check.

It was the suspected drunken driver who seemed out of place.

The North Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group said that a man attempted to hide from police in a nearby Nativity scene after crashing his car into a metal barrier Saturday. The man — easily distinguishable from the rest of the characters in the creche by virtue of not being an inanimate object — was apprehended and given a breathalyzer test, which he failed.

Almost more absurd than the incident itself were Twitter users’ responses, full of characteristically wry British humor and bad puns.

Paul Cording, a senior investigating officer with the roads policing group, started things off:

More puns swiftly followed:

As well as less-than-flattering comparisons to the drunk driver’s inanimate companions in the Nativity scene:

Studies have shown that fatalities in the United States from alcohol-impaired driving spike on Christmas and New Year’s — both holidays have between 25 and nearly 50 percent more deaths than an average day during the month of December, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Take a cab, folks.