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The NRA, accused by N.Y. Daily News of waging ‘a sick jihad,’ strikes back at ‘Godless Left’

The National Rifle Association hit back at the New York Daily News after the paper ran a series of provocative front pages after the San Bernardino shooting. (Video: National Rifle Association)

Neither the NRA nor the New York Daily News will ever be accused of mincing words.

“NRA’S SICK JIHAD.” That was the Daily News cover in November. “Over 2,000 suspects on terror watch list have legally bought firearms in the U.S. because gun nuts are blocking law that would end this madness.”

After the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., the Daily News deployed all of its tabloid cover in an attack on what it called America’s “gun scourge” and the “cowards,” meaning the politicians, hiding “behind meaningless platitudes” instead of fixing the problem. “GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS” was the headline. Now the National Rifle Association has fired back, with its own screaming headline, directed at the Daily News specifically and the “Godless Left” in general. Narrated by a grim-faced Dana Loesch, and interwoven with video footage of what appears to be first responders, the

leaves no stone unturned and none of its demons unscathed as it connects the dots, as the video’s introduction says, between “the global alliance of elitists, media activists, Hollywood celebrities, campus radicals and political power mongers who have openly attacked sacred American values and the people who cherish them with ruthlessness, contempt and downright hatred,” and who share “the same fanatical fervor to tear apart the foundations of America as the terrorists who threaten our very survival. Only hours after an attack of radical jihadi terror on American soil,” says Loesch, a conservative radio host, in the video, “the New York Daily News became the loudest, vilest, most condescending voice for what many people call the Godless Left.

“These false prophets at this failing excuse for a newspaper claimed to enjoy special knowledge of God’s plans somehow … even as they mocked the entire concept of religion. But they weren’t alone. As a horrific act of terror unfolded in real time, the majority of Americans turned to earnest prayer for the dead, the wounded, their families and the world — while political and media elites joined forces to insult and mock and disparage them … and in so doing, laid bare the utter moral depravity of the Godless Left.”

She manages to interconnect all of the following: Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, the media, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Fort Hood attacks, the “unconscionable scandals at the VA,” the “weaponizing of the IRS,” Obamacare, and the “demonizing” of Christmas and Christianity, not to mention “the only religion in the world that contains a segment” that “condones” terrorism. By the end, she finally gets around to guns. “As the families of the victims in San Bernardino called out to their fellow Americans for prayer, the Godless Left launched a vitriolic attack on the twin pillars of American freedom: the First and Second Amendments.” The video is proudly sponsored by Kimber, purveyor and manufacturer of guns. To which the Daily News replied Tuesday morning: