New footage emerged from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally in Lowell, Mass., on Monday documenting one of six incidents in which protesters disrupted the event.

Loud hecklers and defiant protesters are nothing new at Trump events. They’ve become a staple, especially with their favored “Dump Trump” chant.

But this interaction might just take the cake.

“Do you think I should hurt you right now?” a gray-haired rally-goer said.

“You don’t belong here, go away. Shut up, shut your mouth,” he continued. Soon others in the crowd joined in.

“Ditch those,” another man said, gesturing to the “America is already great” sign in the younger protester’s hands. “Ditch ‘em.”

“Do you disagree with this?” the protester asked.

The response was a grab for the poster, which ripped off a chunk. Yells of “Trump, Trump, Trump” gained momentum and soon everyone was reaching for the neon signs, the other of which read “God bless President Obama.”

Soon security arrived and escorted them out, with chants of “USA” drowning out their final words of “God, bless Obama!”

Here’s some of the other more colorful ejections from Trump’s events.

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