Astronauts on the International Space Station may have invented a new sport: water ping pong. No, not the kind you play in a pool, nor the one that’s become a favorite at colleges across the country. This variety is played with a droplet of water instead of a ball.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly celebrated his 300th straight day in space by demonstrating what happens when you combine hyrophobic (or water-repellant) paddles, microgravity and a drop of water. The result is stunning.

Kelly has spent the longest consecutive time in space of any U.S. astronaut, and he still has more than a month left on the space station. His record at the end of NASA’s One-Year Mission will be 342 days, along with his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko. The record for the single longest space mission ever, however, belongs to Russian astronaut Valery Polyakov who spent 438 days on Russia’s former Mir space station in 1994 and 1995.

Long duration missions, like Kelly’s and Polyakov’s, collect vital data to help researchers and NASA engineers design and support even longer missions — with the hope of sending astronauts deep into space one day.

In the meantime, astronauts on ISS have managed to have plenty of fun along the way. Here are some of the videos they’ve sent back to us on Earth: