The video shows a young woman with tears running down her face.

“Ma, I’m shot three times,” she says. “And if I die, oh man, I’m good. If I die — Ma, I’m shot three times in my stomach.”

The Facebook video, which was reportedly posted as a livestream Tuesday, shows Donesha Gantt in the aftermath of a shooting in South Florida. In the footage, the teenager says she’s bleeding and continues to cry as a woman can be heard telling her not to panic.

“I feel like I’m going to die, but I’m going to be good,” Gantt says before breaking down.

The Miami Herald, citing unnamed sources, reported that Gantt was expected to survive the incident, which occurred at a fast-food drive-through in Opa-locka, a community in Miami-Dade County. According to the newspaper, she actually had four wounds.


“As the gunfire rang out the driver pulled out of the drive-through,” David Chiverton, Opa-locka’s interim city manager, told the Herald. “Our police department believes they were targeted.”


The Facebook video was no longer available on Tuesday afternoon. However, the Herald posted the footage, which contains strong language, so you can see it here.

“If I die, God, forgive me for all my sins,” Gantt says in the clip. “God forgive me for everything.”

But despite her appearing to say she knew who shot her on the Facebook video, Gantt repeatedly refused to tell police investigators at the hospital who was behind the attack, according to a law enforcement source.
Her refusal to cooperate was frustratingly familiar for police detectives who have long battled the “no-snitch” code of the streets.
“She said, ‘I would rather die than say who shot me,’ ” the source told the Miami Herald.

At one point, Gantt — who is either 17 or 18, according to published reports — appears to mention those responsible for the attack.

“That’s crazy, I know who shot me but it’s good,” she says. “It’s good, because I’m going to be good.”

In the video, sirens can be heard in the background as Gantt calls out for help and cries.

“Just breathe,” a man says. “Just breathe.”