The 911 caller reported that a pickup truck had been spotted driving erratically on rural Wisconsin roads.

It didn’t take long for police in Polk County, Wis., to track down the vehicle at a public boat launch, according to Fox affiliate KMSP.

When deputy Jeff Hahn looked into the pickup, he was shocked by what he saw: a little girl behind the wheel and an 11-month-old baby strapped into a car seat.

Also in the car, police say, was the children’s intoxicated mother, Amanda Eggert, and her equally intoxicated boyfriend, Jason Roth, according to KMSP.

Roth’s preliminary breathalyzer text would eventually come back at .25, or more than three times the legal limit in Wisconsin.

“As the 9-year-old exited the truck, it was still running and in drive when Mr. Roth was sitting in the truck by himself,” Hahn testified in court. “He turned the ignition off and the truck began rolling backwards down the hill towards the river. I jumped into the truck to hit the brakes and put the truck in park.”

During a court appearance Friday, about a week after the incident occurred, Eggert and Roth pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges, including child neglect and second degree recklessly endangering safety, KMSP reported.

Nobody was injured when the 9-year-old was in charge of the vehicle, but police say the child drove for miles on winding roads and was spotted weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, according to KMSP.

Both children have been placed with extended family members, the station reported.