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The Golden Gate Bridge has a long history of producing unusual news stories, whether it’s daredevils climbing the 227-foot structure or intoxicated muscle car owners finding new ways to wreck their vehicles on it.

The latest bizarre Golden Gate Bridge story occurred Friday, when authorities reported that two tourists were separately hit by blow darts as they walked across the bridge, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The California Highway Patrol said police learned of the incident after one of the victims flagged down an officer patrolling the bridge on a bicycle, according to the Chronicle.

The man had a five-inch-long dart lodged several inches deep in his leg, the Chronicle reported.

The dart, which appeared to have been fired from a blow gun, had penetrated the man’s jeans, California Highway Patrol spokesman Andrew Barclay told the Los Angeles Times.

The man pulled the dart out of his leg, but Barclay told the Times that authorities called an ambulance to treat him. While the victim and the officer were speaking, a woman approached them and and told the officer that a dart had struck her kneecap, according to the Times.

Both victims were treated by paramedics and eventually released at the scene, according to the Chronicle.

“I’ve never heard of something like this,” Barclay said. “It seems very random, and it doesn’t appear that either of the victims was targeted for any reason specifically …. Neither of them had had any arguments.”

He added: “It was definitely one of those situations where you … wonder why would somebody do this. It is really just reckless, careless, there’s no purpose to fire those darts … without the intention of harming somebody.”

Police told the Times that the location of the victims’ wounds suggests the darts were fired from a moving vehicle. Barclay told the paper that investigators plan to test the darts for dangerous chemicals. Investigators are also trying to determine whether there’s any possibility that the attacks were caught on camera, according to the Times.

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