Last Wednesday, Raphael Greaves posted on his Facebook page a photograph of a dark room adorned by a poster displaying the symbol of Lucifer. At one corner of the image there appeared to be a blurry, ghost-like fog.

“A picture of a spirit in our living room just now,” Greaves wrote in the photo caption. “I am honored by the Dark Lord.”

“Where’s the devil?” one person commented.

To this, Greaves’s girlfriend Angela Tierney responded: “He’s sitting next to me.”

Greaves, 36, was open about his Satanism. Earlier this month, he showed off new tattoos of the symbols of Lucifer and the Necronomicon, a black magic textbook featured in the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Greaves was the drummer and bassist in a heavy metal band called Santanicon.


But even Greaves’s closest friends never thought that the Sandusky, Ohio, resident had it within him to bring about hell itself.


Just past midnight on Sunday, the Sandusky police received a 911 call about a domestic dispute. On the line was Tierney, 31.

“Hello, my boyfriend just f—king threw me up against the wall,” she said, according to the Sandusky Register. “He’s coming at me right now.”

After giving the dispatcher her address, Tierney added: “I didn’t do anything. Drunk and goes ballistic, as always. Every f—king weekend I have to deal with this.”

Then there was screaming, and the line went dead.

By the time police arrived, it was too late: Tierney’s body was outside a neighboring house, Greaves’s in his doorway. A handgun lay beside his corpse.


Police are still investigating the incident, but it is suspected that Greaves killed Tierney before shooting himself.

Check out a couple of my toys. Both are old 44 calibers

Posted by Raphael Greaves on Sunday, February 14, 2016

“Calls like that are never easy to do; it’s rough on the officers,” police Lt. Scott Dahlgren told Fox 8. “But then it’s also tough on the families that are affected by this — it’s a full circle unfortunately.”


Dave Binette, Greaves’s cousin, told the Register that the Satanist “actually had a very golden heart, when he was sober.”

“This sounds surreal to say about a Satanist, but he was Christlike,” said Binette, a Catholic. “The guy would give you the shirt off his back if he believed you really needed it. He showed up for Christmas, all the religious holidays.”


Graves identified as a theistic Satanist, meaning that he regarded Satan as a supernatural deity. This stands in contrast to atheistic Satanists, who have tried to distance themselves from “devil-worshipers.”

He suffered from anger and depression issues, which surfaced when he drank.

“I think it was the alcohol that drove him to do it, and not Satanism,” Greaves’s Santanicon bandmate, Joe Aufricht, told the Register.

If the alleged killer’s Facebook profile is any indication, however, he was engrossed in devil worship. Greaves’s page featured a photo album called “Satanism” that included photos of him garbed in black holding various Satanic paraphernalia, as well as certificates demonstrating his membership in the Church of Satan.


“I’m having a few beers with the Devil today,” Greaves wrote beside a photo of a Keystone Ice beer pyramid stacked behind a Lucifer figurine. Another showed him holding two guns that he called “my toys.”

Greaves worked as a truck driver, Binette told the Register.

Fox 8 reported that Tierney is survived by a 9-year-old son. A GoFundMe page created by her cousin described her as a “spunky, independent woman.”

“Angela had a passion for speaking her mind and standing up for what she believed in,” her cousin wrote. “She was a lover of music, sushi, collecting Japanese tea pots, movies and raising her son.”

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