Standing out among a pool of job applicants is no easy task, but here’s one way to ensure you won’t be forgotten:

Use your brute strength to end a robbery in progress while your prospective bosses look on.

That’s exactly what one 18-year-old did during his job interview at a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchise in New Orleans on Saturday, according to police.

Devin Washington, an 18-year-old job applicant, was answering questions when a man inside the restaurant grabbed money from a cash register, police said. The register was open because an employee was about to hand the man his change.

Pablo Ciscart, 50, tried to flee the franchise with a handful of cash when assistant manager Dominique Griffin grabbed his arm, police said. After a brief struggle, Ciscart freed himself and bolted for the exit.

That, police said, is when another manager intervened, standing in front of the exit.

“My upper-body strength was stronger than his,” the manager, Danyanna Metoyer, told the Associated Press. “We hadn’t made hardly any money. He wasn’t going to take the $300 to $400 we probably had made. We needed our money.”

When Ciscart tried to push Metoyer aside, police said, Washington, the job applicant, grabbed him from behind in a “reverse bear hug,” police said.

“I got up and bent his arm back,” Washington told the wire service, noting that he didn’t know whether the man had a gun, but adding that he wasn’t scared.

The group effort worked.

“Realizing he was overmatched,” the police statement said, “Ciscart threw the cash on the floor and surrendered to the manager and the applicant, who held him until police arrived.”

Ciscart later admitted his attempted theft to a detective, police said.  The statement noted that investigators discovered Ciscart has a warrant from St. Bernard Parish for a similar crime.

He was arrested and charged with simple robbery, authorities said.

Metoyer told the AP that Washington had already nabbed the job before the robbery began. Once Ciscart was in police custody, she decided to give the teenager the good news.

“You’re hired,” she said. “You earned it.”