A 15-year-old girl protesting a Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday was pepper-sprayed in the face by a Trump supporter.

As with previous skirmishes between Trump protesters and supporters at rallies across the country, the incident was caught on camera and quickly spread on social media.

In one video, the girl is seen accusing an older man of touching her “breast” outside the rally in Janesville, Wis.

After a heated argument, the girl appears to push or punch the older man, at which point a young man in glasses and a red “Make America Great Again” hat suddenly reaches through the crowd and sprays the girl in the face.

Police said they were searching for both men.

“A 15 year girl from Janesville was peppered sprayed in the crowd by a non-law enforcement person,” Janesville police said in a statement. “A 19 year old woman from Madison received 2nd hand spray as well. Both individuals received medical attention at local hospitals.

“A male in the crowd groped the 15 year girl,” the statement continued. “When she pushed him away; another person in the [crowd] sprayed her. We are currently looking for two suspects, one for the sexual assault and one for the pepper spray.”

Derek Hauger, the Wisconsin man who took widely shared video of the incident and posted it to YouTube, wrote that the man did not grope the girl, though.

“I was right next to this and saw the whole thing,” he wrote. “The man never touched her like she said. She was just looking for trouble.”

second video, also taken by Hauger, captures a moment shortly before the incident.

In that video, the girl holds up a sign reading “DAMN DONALD. BACK AT IT AGAIN w/ THE WHITE SUPREMACY.” She and another female protester shout “black lives matter” as a much larger crowd of Trump supporters counters with chants of “all lives matter.”

At one point, a man in a Trump hat and sunglasses shouts, “Stop doing crime, blacks, stop doing crime.”

A third video captures the pepper-spray incident from a different angle and appears to show the man who sprayed the girl.

The following video contains language that may offend some viewers.

The third video, titled “Trump protester punches Trump supporter and gets pepper sprayed,” was uploaded to YouTube by another user. In it, at about the 1:05 mark, the older man can be seen shouting at the second female protester. The 15-year-old girl then comes over and begins to talk to the older man.

As the two argue, the older man moves his hand toward her several times, and a piece of paper in his hand appears to touch the girl’s chest.

“Stop [expletive] touching me,” she shouts several times at about the 1:27 mark.

The older man then puts his hands up in the air as the crowd begins to make more noise.

Meanwhile, the young man in the “Make America Great Again” hat and glasses moves up behind the older man.

After exchanging words with another Trump supporter, the girl appears to hit or push the older man in the head as he is looking away from her.

That’s when the young man in the hat can be seen reaching in and spraying her in the face. This occurs at the 2:06 mark.

The older man can be seen laughing while the young man takes a few steps back into the crowd. The first video shows him smiling.

As the girl walks away clutching her face, people in the crowd shout, “Bye bye,” a phrase Trump himself often uses when protesters are removed from his rallies.

The crowd then roars as the second female protester is removed from the area by sheriff’s deputies.

“Take out the trash,” someone shouts.

“Good job,” someone else says in an apparent reference to the pepper-spraying.

Here is the second video, which shows the girl’s sign and the competing chants but does not capture the incident.

The following video contains language that may offend some viewers.

The incident is the latest in a string of confrontations, some of them violent, between protesters and Trump supporters at the candidate’s rallies.

It’s also not the first time that pepper spray has been used outside a Trump rally.

On March 13, police used pepper spray on a crowd outside a Trump appearance in Kansas City, Mo., once to break up a fight and a second time to disperse protesters who began marching down a closed-off street, The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson reported.

And on March 20, officers pepper-sprayed protesters demonstrating outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

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