Something quite odd happened after a United Airlines flight landed in Houston after traveling from Sacramento: A flight attendant deployed the plane’s emergency slide and exited the plane, the Associated Press reported.

Video of the Monday incident, aired by Houston NBC affiliate KPRC 2, shows the flight attendant throwing her bag onto the ground below and then methodically sliding down the evacuation slide. It’s unclear what prompted her to leave the aircraft in such a way.

We are reviewing this matter, and the flight attendant is no longer employed by United,” United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart said in a statement.

After landing in Houston, the Boeing 737 taxied for five minutes before stopping at the airport’s gate, the Sacramento Bee reported. That’s when the inflatable evacuation slide was deployed.

“We hold our employees to the highest standards,” Hobart said. “This unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers.”

KPRC 2 reported that some passengers aboard didn’t even notice her deploying the slide, as they were paying attention to a medical emergency at the back of the plane.

“When we landed we were told to stay in our seats as de-planing would take a bit longer,” passenger Jonah Vella told the station.

The plane carried six crew members, including the flight attendant, and 159 passengers, KTRK reported.


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