A man and woman at a bar in Billings, Mont., were so focused on their flirtations that they remained oblivious to three armed robbers holding up the bar Monday.

The Tap Inn released surveillance footage of the April 11 incident, showing multiple angles of the bar and casino. As the unidentified couple kissed and cuddled at the bar, three bandanna-wearing individuals stormed in demanding money. The frantic bartender and his patrons all put their hands in the air — save the pair of lovebirds.

They continued kissing while the robbers — two men and a woman — emptied the cash register feet away from the couple and swiped cash off the bar right in front of them.

The pair seemed to surface just in time to watch the robbers flee with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The bartender called 911 as the robbers peeled away, the AP reports, but police are still looking for the trio.