How Hillary Clinton is winning in the year of the outsider: While the success of Donald Trump shows that Republicans blame their own leaders for the nation’s problems and are eager for a radical fix, Democrats still believe their elected leaders can bring change from within. Full story

Meanwhile, Trump’s ‘woman’s card’ comment escalates gender wars of 2016 campaign: What was once subtext — latent sexism and the question of what is and isn’t off-limits when contemplating a woman as president — is now a full part of the political conversation. Full story

Cruz makes a front-runner move by choosing Carly Fiorina: In tapping his former Republican rival for VP, Sen. Ted Cruz hopes for a political lifeline against Trump. Full story

Airstrike destroys Doctors Without Borders hospital in Syria: The aid group says 14 patients and medical staff were killed in a direct hit on the hospital in Aleppo. Full story

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. (Joshua Lott/Getty)

Former House speaker sentenced to 15 months for bank crime related to sexual abuse of teenagers: Dennis Hastert said in court that he was “deeply ashamed” and acknowledged that he “mistreated some of ​my​ athletes ​that​ I coached.” Full story

U.S.-Russia cooperation frays as Syria truce falls apart: Barely two months after the United States and Russia joined together to forge a partial cease-fire in Syria, cooperation between them, including on a long-term political solution to the country’s civil war, is rapidly eroding. Full story

Supreme Court justices seem skeptical of McDonnell’s conviction: Chief Justice John Roberts suggested that the anti-corruption law used in the former Virginia governor’s case might be unconstitutionally vague. Full story

Todd Gurley with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell last year. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty)

2016 NFL draft gets underway: It all starts Thursday night with Round 1, complete with the traditional booing of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Full story

An insider’s look at how Prince revolutionized the Internet: Prince’s longtime webmaster and creative director says that people misunderstand how much he loved the Internet. Full story

An Alabama city now says people who violate its bathroom ordinance could face jail time: Those who use a bathroom that doesn’t correspond to the gender on their birth certificate could face up to six months in jail. Full story

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