A Florida man buried his boss nearly waist-deep in dirt during an argument at a construction site that ended in serious injuries, according to police.

Erick Cox, 32, was arrested for aggravated assault on Wednesday. Cox, who goes by the nickname “Pork Chop,” was released from Volusia County jail on a $5,000 bond, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

“He ran him over and covered him up with dirt! Send somebody out there, please,” a 911 caller told a dispatcher, WESH-TV reported.

A Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a call about a fight on Wednesday morning at Debary construction site. A witness told the deputy he saw Cox dump dirt onto the site supervisor, “which pinned him to the ground,” according to an incident report.

The witness said Cox then backed up the loader, picked up more dirt and dumped it on the supervisor, covering “almost half of his body,” the incident report reads. Then Cox picked up a 6-foot aluminum level and struck the boss in the head, knocking him unconscious, the incident report reads.

Cox was standing over his boss “cussing and laughing,” the witness told a deputy.

“Please hurry, somebody come out here. He just hit him with a loader and is about to kill him,” a witness said on a 911 call, the Sentinel reported. “The guy is trying to kill him on my job, please come out.”

The site supervisor was taken to the hospital. He had a “large laceration to his scalp, a fracture to his skull and bleeding on his brain,” a doctor told police.

But Cox told deputies it was his boss who started the argument, and there have been several other yelling matches. According to the incident report, Cox told deputies that his boss told him to get “out of my face and stay away from me.”

Then, according to Cox, he got into the front-end loader and began moving dirt around, but his boss followed him, continued to yell, spat and tried to punch Cox.  The boss, according to Cox, threatened to cut his “head off.”

Cox told deputies he got out of the vehicle and pulled his boss’s shirt over his head. Cox said he was trying to turn off the front-end loader when he accidentally hit a bucket control lever, dumping dirt onto the boss.